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Dia Production offers the best and quality services in wedding photography and videography in Rawalpindi Islamabad, Pakistan. We have covered more than 180 wedding photoshoots and have more than 350 happy customers. Our customers always recommend Dia Production for wedding photography and videography. Book wedding photographers to cover your special event professionally. Check out Wedding Photographer reviews here. See our Wedding photography packages Islamabad and Rawalpindi here.

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    Best wedding photographers in Rawalpindi Islamabad - Pakistani Bridal Dress

    Book Wedding Photographers in rawalpindi and Islamabad

    Dia Production is a collective of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Hire the experienced and best photographers for your event to have it covered professionally. Our Wedding photography packages are affordable and we assure best quality in photography and videography.  

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    Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

    Dia Production provides the best wedding photography and videography in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. We have reasonable and affordable wedding photography packages for you. 

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    Wedding Photography Packages Rawalpindi islamabad

    Home based

    Economical Wedding Photography for 3 days.

    Only 59,000 for 3 Days.

    Covering 3 Days Photography, 3 Videography (Monopod Cam Only)

    2 Albums

    Gold Deal

    Only 30,000 for 1 Day | 55,000 for 2 Days | 75,000 for 3 Days.

    1 Day=30,000

    2 Days= 55,000

    3 Days= 75,000 (3 Album+ 1 Day Drone, 1 day extra photographer, 1 day outdoor shoot)

    Dia's Signature

    Only 70,000 for 1 Day | 130,000 for 2 Days | 195,000 for 3 Days

    Drones and Albums Included

    Outdoor Signature Shoot

    1 Day get ready interviews

    Pre-Wedding & Post-Wedding

    Bride's Favourite

    Only 89,000 for 2 Days.

    3 Albums, 2 Days Drone,

    2 Days Outdoor Shoot,

    1 Day Get Ready Session)

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    Rawalpindi And Islamabad