How to make my wedding day special – The 18 outstanding wedding day tips

Wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It holds a lot of importance for the whole family especially the groom and bride. Everyone wants to make their wedding day memorable. Here are 18 tips that will surely make your wedding day special and memorable forever.

Hire the wedding planners

Hiring the wedding planners is always the best choice that you will ever choose for your wedding day. The wedding event should always be pre-planned if you want your day to be flawless and perfect from every aspect. It takes away the stress of organizing everything for your big day and allow the wedding experts to plan your special day for you.

Make your wedding day special
Wedding Planners

Try out something new in the interior decoration of the venue

Did you ever attend weddings in your town? What makes you feel to say ‘wow’? The answer would be the interior decoration! So, perfect and colorful interior decor always make the best impression of your wedding. Try out something new, something that you have never seen before, something that will set as a new trent in your town. That’s how you make your day special and memorable.

Make your wedding day special
Wedding Venue Decoration

Try out some unique sitting arrangements

Ask your wedding planner to arrange the sitting area in a different and unique way. That’s how you set a new trend and setting a new trend is the best you can do in any event.

Hire a special Photographer for all the special arrangements

Beside the wedding photographers and videographers, hire a special photographer to capture all the unique things in your wedding. Make a beautiful Album that holds all the special arrangements together.

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Place Envelopes at Each Guest’s Place Settings

Guests should always be welcomed warmly. Give them a surprise on their sitting area by placing Envelopes. And Thank them for their presence on your wedding day.

Little gifts for the guests

Guests love to take gifts on the wedding day. Doesn’t matter what the gift is but they love it. So, presenting little gifts to your guests in unique style like packing them in little boxes is always a good idea. Capture all moments of happiness with photography and videography.

Entry on Wheels

Hire a well-decorated tricycle for your wedding day. Give a romantic entry with your spouse. I am sure you will never forget this beautiful moment in your whole life.

Make wedding day special

Presentation of a bouquet to your in-laws

Now when you are getting married, you have got into a relationship with your in-laws. Show them respect and love by presenting a fresh flowers bouquet on your wedding day. This will make you feel more happy. Don’t miss any moment of happiness.

Gift cards for your spouse

Always remember that your spouse is the most important person among the hundreds of people. Make him feel special on your day by presenting a special gift card when you first see him. Showing love in this way always feels nice.

Presentation of bouquet to the wedding couple

Ask your family to present a fresh flower bouquets to your spouse and your parents-in-law. Greet them and show love in a nice manner as you are going to be a member of the family.

Wedding cake ceremony

Make a beautiful wedding cake and celebrate your day by cutting a cake. Serve the cake to your spouse and parents-in-law with your own hands. Remember that these little things matters a lot.

Wedding Dance Traditions

Prepare a traditional dance on your wedding day. Dance with your spouse and let the photographers capture all those moments.

Arrange a game for the guests

Arrange different games for the guests and offer every guest to take part. This will make your guests even more special and they will remember how they enjoyed your wedding and will always talk about your wedding day whenever you meet them. Imagine someone talking about your wedding day and wish to see alike weddings again.

Trivia Quiz to make fun

Arrange a trivia questioning game in the gathering. Ask funny questions to your friends and make everyone laugh with your questioning style. Everyone will remember the beautiful wedding day of yours.

Hand Out a Tribute Bouquet to Someone Special

Hand out a bouquet to someone special, it may be your friend, sibling or a family member. This beautiful tribute will always be remembered by your special one.

A wedding exit to remember

Plan a beautiful wedding exit at the end of your event. It can be done in any way you like. Going along with your parents-in-law is a good choice. Before you leave, don’t forget to meet your friends with a smiling face.

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