Pakistani Bridal Dress – Outstanding Ideas by Professional Wedding Photographers

Pakistani Weddings are usually based on 3 days that includes Mehndi, Barat and Walima. Wedding holds a lot of importance in your life. So, it should be well-managed and beautifully planned. Your wedding dress, the interior decoration and everything should be perfect. Each day has it’s own importance and it is necessary to wear a perfect matched bridal dresses on each day. We are here to give you some outstanding dressing ideas that are going to make your wedding day perfect. As experienced wedding photographers and videographers, we have sense of wedding dresses and how they look in the photoshoot and videos. Here are some of the mesmerizingly beautiful wedding photography highlights with perfect Pakistani Bridal Dress.

There are variety of designs and colors when it comes to Bridal wear especially in Pakistan. We Pakistani are not typical and we always try to look different on our wedding day, so, we try new colors on each day with trending designs and we do not care much about the budget.
Let’s talk about the wedding days and what should you wear on that day.

Mehndi – Day 1:

Mehndi is a traditional wedding culture in Pakistan and it is the most beautiful day for the bride and her family. Mehndi mainly consists of dancing, singing and different cultural activities. It’s important to wear bridal mehndi dress as per our culture. Mehndi theme is usually yellow, green or pink but it’s your choice which theme would you like to choose for your mehndi day. Here are some pictures that will give you an idea about bridal mehndi dress and the theme. More Images here.

Barat – Day 2:

Barat day holds a lot of importance for the bride and the groom and their families. It is the day when a bride leaves her parent’s home and move to a new home from where her husband belongs. We have some suggestions for you on how you choose bridal dress for barat day. Do some research on what’s trending in the Pakistani Bridal Dress and choose what you like. Have a look in the wedding photoshoot that we have covered and decide which color and design looks good in the photographs and decide which color would look suit on you. Although there still are many other dressing colors like golden and silver for barat but red and maroon are the most common colors for barat day. Click here to see more images.

Walima – Day 3:

Walima is the 3rd and the last day of Pakistani weddings. And unlike barat, there are many color options out there in the market for walima because there’s no such trends or traditions for the Bridal dress of walima day. You can choose whatever you like and we suggest you to try out different colors and designs and take pictures in every dress. You are going to give a blasting entry with groom so you need to match or contrast your walima dress with the groom’s outfit. Here are some wedding photographs that you would like to see. You can see more images here.

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