Wedding at home in Covid-19

This pandemic situation has a big impact on our lives and it has disrupted almost every field. Everyone is afraid of this fatal disease and we have already delayed our special events due to this pandemic. But somehow life goes on and so as the special events. The health institutions already said that we may have to live with this pandemic. Then why delaying your special event when you can manage your wedding at home in Covid-19. We care about your event that’s why we are writing for you to give you suggestions about wedding at home in covid-19.

As a professional wedding photography team, we have been covering wedding events even in this Covid-19 situations. So, we have experienced how to carry your wedding event out with good care. We suggest you to plan your wedding event at home or somewhere outdoor because we don’t know when this pandemic will end. Moving on with a good plan will be beneficial anyway. Let us discuss some major benefits of wedding at home in Covid-19.

Benefits of wedding at home in covid-19

Well, there can be lots of benefits but we will discuss some of them that will help you make up your mind for wedding at home in coronavirus or you can also arrange an outdoor event in open air.

We don’t know when this pandemic will end

This is the biggest reason for moving on and to plan your wedding at home. Because we can not predict about the pandemic situation. It has already been 8 months in covid and we are still facing the lockdown situation. So, waiting more can be a silly idea and is not worth it. In this situation, considering the home based wedding is beneficial.

Customized Wedding Event

Wedding at home or outdoor event will require less budget. You can customize your wedding decoration according to your own choice. This will consume a little more time but the results will be satisfying and your event can become a new trend in the city. Isn’t it wonderful? If you want to hire the wedding planners, it would be a great choice.

Less number of guests means the best precaution from covid

You will be inviting less number of guests on your event, this can somehow help you in taking precautionary measures for covid. Requesting each guest to take precautionary measures would not be difficult. And in this way you can save many lives.

More Resources in Less Budget

You can use as many resources as the wedding planners do, and this will save your budget too. Wedding hall bills can also be saved, instead you can arrange an outdoor event in half of the cost of wedding hall. You can arrange a wedding event in any way you want to. And saving budget for your honeymoon is the best you can do in planning your wedding.

Minimize your travelling

Home based wedding will save your time for other cultural traditions. You can save that time for doing something productive, something that really matters in family event. Minimizing the travelling time will give you opportunity to make your event more longer and enjoying.

We hope these benefits are much acknowledgeable and worthy to be considered. So, we are also providing the home based wedding photography packages for you in this covid situation.

Home Based Wedding Photography Package

  • 3 Days in 95,000 only
  • 1 Photographer + 1 Videographer
  • 3-4 Min Highlights
  • 30-40 Min Video
  • Unlimited Pictures Each Day
  • 3 Days= 95,000
  • 3 Albums
  • Outdoor Signature Shoot

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