Pakistani Wedding Day Dress Ideas by Professional Photographers

What’s the major question in your mind while planning for wedding? Well, the most common question is ‘what should I wear?’. So, it specifically depends on the wedding theme and the traditional culture. In this article we will specifically talk about the Pakistani wedding dresses. Pakistani wedding consists of 3 to 4 days that includes mayon, mehndi, barat and walima. Each day has it’s own importance and cultural traditions, so, it is important to wear the wedding dress accordingly. Here are some wedding pictures so you can get an idea about wedding dress for men and ladies. Make sure you are planning the dress for the weather or season, like for winters if you are comfortable with the summer fashion, then go for it otherwise, not. Also keep that in mind you are not the bride or groom, so you do not need to dress like a bride or groom.

Wedding Day Dress for ladies:

Mehndi – Dress for ladies

Mehndi is a traditional wedding culture in Pakistan. There are many choices in dress for ladies. The color scheme is so vast and many of them makes a perfect match with the mehndi wedding day theme. We are sharing some wedding highlights with you in this blog so that you can get a clear idea about what people usually wear and what should you wear on that special day. See More images here.

Barat – Dressing ideas for ladies

Ladies usually wear dark colors on barat day, but not necessarily. It depends on you, whatever you choose will surely look the best. But let us share some Pakistani wedding pics so you can see what people wear and what should you wear if you decide to look unique and different from others.

Walima – Dress for ladies

You don’t need to worry about ‘what should I wear’, we’ve got something great for you. By seeing these pictures you will get to know what’s trending. And remember that your dressing should not go out of fashion. Have a look to these wedding photoshoots.

Wedding Dress for men:

Mehndi – Dress for men

Men usually do not care much about the dressing. They already know what they are going to wear. But in case you didn’t plan about the dress, don’t worry, we will share some pictures from our previous wedding photography for you. As a professional photography team, we care about your event and we know how important your event is. So, we give you an idea on the wedding dresses too.

Barat – Wedding Dress for men

There are so many options out there in the market for barat. But we recommend you to wear prince coat, sherwani or waist coat on barat. Have a look in these pictures and decide whether which suits you.

Walima – Dress for men

It has always been a trend to wear 3 piece on walima. Almost everyone wears 3 piece suit on walima and we all know there are thousands of option when it comes to a suit. And now in 2020 the fashion is so updated and there are so many designers out there in the market, making new designs and giving you new trends.

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